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Weird Science

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This website is proudly dedicated to the hit 90's television series starring: Michael Manasseri, John Mallory Asher, Lee Tergesen, and Vanessa Angel. A very special thank you to all the cast and crew for giving us fans four great years and 88 terrific episodes! :)


The number one fan-made website devoted to the hit 90's television comedy sci-fi series.


to what is most likely the Internet's only website completely devoted to the ever popular 1990's television series, "Weird Science" which aired from March 1994 through April 1997 on USA Network. The series is based on the very popular 1980's John Hughes movie of the same name and was created by Tom Spezialy and Alan Cross.

This website does it's very best to preserve the memories and legacy of the hit series in hopes of one day seeing the series strike a successful come back across all mediums. The initial DVD release prooved to be unsuccessful, probably because it came a little too late after people have begun to get all their media digitally. Unfortunately, "Weird Science" is not even available for purchase through iTunes®. This website will strive to fill the void by making available lots of information, screen grabs from every episode, and of course plenty of video clips of some of the best moments through the 88 episode run. However, these are just a few of the features that you will find here — as there will be a lot more in store for the website over the new few years.

Be sure to check out this website's exclusive "sixth" season of the original series!

Located under the "Fanction" section of the website, you will find an entire season of all-new episodes written solely by fans of the popular series. These are episodes that have never been produced or officially written and made, but according to this website they are considered to be an extension of the official episodes produced and every bit just as good. Check them out and be sure to send us feedback on what you think.

New Series. What is that about?

Ahh, yes... many of you may be wondering what is up with the "New Series" content you see over on the navigational menu of this website. No, it is not indicating that there is, or ever will be a new series in development officially I must be sure to mention first. What it is about is an effort by this website to revive the series again and attempt to get an entire new generation of fans interested in the series in the same way we all were so interested in the original series back in the 90's.

This new series will be completely based on the original series and the movie of the same name, but with completely new story lines. These episodes, essentially, are the same as "fanfiction" and will be similar to the exclusive sixth season available only from this website except that they will be produced in an animated movie form. This way instead of having to read scripts (which I have to admit, it gets rather boring) you will have an actual video (yes in HD) to sit back, relax and enjoy! Sound good? I thought it would. Stay tuned because much more information will be posted later on this hot new development... especially as development progresses further.


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Site News

You're looking at the launch of the all-new, completely modernized 'WeirdScience.Net!'.

All-new? But the site doesn't look all that much different. Well, the goal was to essentially keep the essence of the original design, but construct the website using completely modern web design practices — which basically means that all the frames had got to go. With all the frames gone, that gave the original website it's unique design look, now allows every page to act as their own stand alone web page making everything become much more user-friendly and also search engine friendly.

One important thing to note first is that since this new design requires all previous content to be completely re-worked into the new website, there are some areas of the website that remain unfinished. These areas will be gradually updated and filled in over the coming weeks.

We hope you enjoy the new website and if you have any comments or feedback you would like to share, please feel free to do so.





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